Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Need To Communicate

For a while now I have been toying with the idea to set up a blog. I feel this need to speak my mind, to let others know what I see and how I feel about what I see. The courage I got to start this blog was from a childhood friend, who has her own blog. Her insights on everyday life got me thinking that this is an excellent tool of letting others know how we feel. Thank you Kelly Katherine at

How many of us need to tell our story? How many of us need to get something off our chest? If we had a safe avenue to do so, we would be so much more a peace with oursleves. There would be less stress, less anger, less hatred. There would be more acceptance and love. Imagine what can be accomplished with more acceptance and love. Anything will be possible. There will be no roadblocks.

The transforamtion that will unfold when all the roadblocks are cleared. Starting with yourself, one by one, the family, the community and then the nation will be transformed. What a wonderful state of being.

Let us make it happen. Speak up to free yourself all all things negative and enjoy the positivity to come.

Peace, love and blessings,

Toni Yolande


  1. I think it is a very interesting "blog". It is actually a good outlet - writing that is...- and it may help as an avenue to vent frustration.

    There are other ways too - and each person has to find the way which allows them to find that release valve - for many the valve is exercise.

    Good work Toni - I look forward to your next "blog"

    Jacqui W

  2. T, this is a great idea. The idea of communication as the means of freeing ourselves, removing roadblocks.. Yes, let's all communicate using this medium as the means.
    Write more.. Let's all hear more.

  3. TMac, I know how important communication is and that everyone needs to find some effective way to communicate. I love the blog idea but also believe that the power of the spoken word ia also a very important, effective way of communicating. One to one dialogue is an essential component of any progressive... healthy 'relationship'. I prefer to hear the 'spoken word' rather than to read it but I will definitely enjoy reading whats on your mind. Keep on blogging BUT still call me.