Thursday, 20 December 2012

Staying Positive in the Face of Increasing Rejection

Three months ago my position was made redundant. I was out of a job. Yes, that dreaded word had finally become a reality in my life. I now knew what I had put so many people through (being in HR you sometimes have the not so pleasant however necessary task of making positions redundant). The initial shock wore off pretty quickly. I had an inclination that this was going to happen so I had started putting things in place. Those things were however not quite ready to be acted on. I acted anyway.

I set up my company, MACSPEN Services, and with my Project Manager, +Ruth Proctor , we began drumming up business. MACSPEN Services grew out of the fact that HR is one of the first areas of a company to be cut in times of hardship. I therefore thought that if I offer HR Services to small companies that do not currently have an HR Department, I would be providing an invaluable service. And the interest was there! People were happy that there was someone willing to provide the necessary but laborious work that needs to be done.

Everything seemed to be moving along just fine. Persons kept telling me that I was doing well for a start up. Three (3) clients. I am truly thankful for those 3 clients. In the meantime, because bills need to be paid, I have been putting my resume out there and have been applying for jobs. Six (6) to be exact. Then the regret letters started coming in, my Project Manager was offered an opportunity of a lifetime which she could not refuse, and the work for my clients was coming to an end. Depression was setting in. Why wasn't I getting calls for interviews to those jobs I had applied to? Why weren't more interested parties actually signing contracts for my services? What was I not doing right?

In walks +Helen MacMillan and her abundance. The first positive. I am where I am supposed to be, sending out to the universe my needs and accepting what the universe is giving me. What a glorious feeling it is to know that God (the universe) is actually on my side and is just waiting for me to acknowledge it. 

The next positive was +Francis Wade. He practically cajoled me into becoming his Assistant Producer for his radio programme on CaribHRForum. In doing so he has opened a world of opportunities and possibilities that I now need to take advantage of.

And here is where the next positive +Marguerite Orane comes in. I had taken her course Free and Laughing in Crises and have learned how to Be Present, Observe, Accept, Trust, Release and Love every moment of my crises. (And trust me there are many). With Marguerite's help MACSPEN Services now has a vision, mission, values and a plan to move forward. 

Life will always be a mixture of positives and negatives. It is what we do with the negatives that determine our well being. Everything has a time and place. Take a few minutes and look at your situation, no matter how uncomfortable. There is a lesson to be learned, and once learned, you will move to a higher place. Stay positive my friends. Rejection is just another way of letting you know that that path is not for you.

Blessings and abundance,