Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Does Comfort Lead to Inaction?

Tweeting about the PNP Conference the other day, it suddenly struck me that I was more mouth than action. For years all I have been doing is saying what is wrong with our country, our leadership, our schools etc. and I have been doing nothing. It got me thinking. Why am I not acting? Why am I only speaking. The other day when having a conversation with my  daughter I told her "mouth mek to talk", a Jamaican saying which means the mouth can say anything however whether or not it is acted on is a different matter. I realize I am just talking, and what good will that do? All talk and no action will definitely lead nowhere and certainly defend the status quo. Am I that selfish?

So why am I not acting? I am too comfortable. I am not hungry. I can go to the supermarket whenever I choose and buy whatever I choose. OK, so I cannot take that family vacation every year, however my mortgage is being paid every month. Therein lies my complacency, I am not in need.

I wonder if this is the same reason why our Leaders are only speaking. Why limited action has taken place in this beautiful country of ours. A country that has fallen into disrepair with uncollected garbage, lack of drugs in our hospitals, a school system that is turning out illiterate people, minimal manufacturing to drive economic growth.  We are promised every election period of things that will be done to turn our economy around, provide growth and jobs yet they never materialize. What are they waiting on? Are they defending the status quo? Are they also too comfortable? Isn't it their job to put things in place for the proper running of the country? Isn't that why we, the people, voted them in? Or did we vote in 'our' party just so that we can continue to be comfortable?

So I challenge the following:
  • I challenge the current administration to forego the comfort and do what needs to be done to get Jamaica out of this quagmire,
  • I challenge the opposition to get their act together so as to provide a credible alternative so that we  may hold the current leadership accountable,
  • I challenge the Jamaican people to think about the collective whole, and see how providing for the whole will benefit the individual,
  • But most of all I challenge myself to stop talking and start acting.
I truly hope this blog will be the beginning of that action. More to come.

"Action, Not A Bag A Mouth!"

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Country

I live in a country where everybody is afraid, where I would not want to visit. Where its own citizens criticize and tear down its very essence, especially those who have left its shores. The only country I am a citizen of. A beautiful country! An ugly country!  A country I want to leave, for my children’s sake? A country where I want to remain because the country is me. All of it, the good, the bad, the ugly.

Barricades, grilled windows and doors, dead-bolt locks, security systems, big black ‘bad’ dogs are the standard features. Gone are the days when my front door could be left open without fear of an intruder. Where trees are no longer the far-away lands of my childhood but where men up to no good linger, awaiting my arrival home.

I should leave my country, so that my children can know the freedom I knew growing up. Riding my bike down the road without fear of being abducted, roaming the bush without a care in the world. I should leave for me, so that I can stop being afraid. So that I can stop looking over my shoulder every time I leave the bank to make sure I am not being followed. So that I can stop holding my breath, releasing only when my husband gets in safely at night.

I live in a country whose citizens nobody wants. A country whose citizens require a stamp in their passports to be allowed entry, and all agents are on alert when the passport is spotted. A passport that our own officials need not fear because they have their own, which gives them immunity when traveling, making them oblivious to what their citizens go through.

I live in a country whose elected leaders only speak to us when it is time for re-election. Who are so disconnected from the people they are supposed to serve that whatever is being served is not meeting our needs. Where the majority of its citizens cannot see that these elected ones have done us no good, because we are not taught to think, we are taught to recite. Where there are no jobs, and the dollar is of little value. Where we are beholden to foreign lands because we take, take, take. We do not earn.

Yet I take no action. I am part of the problem. When will I wake up and do something to change this beloved country of mine? When will I become a part of the solution? For my children, for me?